I’m in love with wedding invitations - I’m blaming that on being your stereotypical little girl that dreams about her fantasy wedding since she was old enough to dress up her Barbie dolls, so it’s no surprised I posted these. They were designed by Kate Holgate and printed by Paper Mill Designs Stationery & Letterpress Studio.

Here’s what she had to say about them:

Jaime and Anthony are get­ting mar­ried out­doors in the beau­ti­ful his­toric Sun Valley, Idaho. Sun Valley is a laid-back resort town sur­rounded by gor­geous moun­tains with numer­ous aspen groves. Jaime was wide-open to ideas and only requested that I some­how tie in an ‘aspen’ theme. Her col­ors are coral and khaki, so I intro­duced a teal color to the pal­let as well. The save-the-date cards have a tree ring time­line (blind let­ter­press) show­ing impor­tant dates in Jaime and Anthony’s rela­tion­ship. For the invi­ta­tion suite, I cre­ated a pat­tern that repeats the aspen leaf sym­bol (also blind let­ter­press), a wood grain tex­ture, and used vintage-inspired typog­ra­phy. Stamped muslin bags replaced the tra­di­tional inner enve­lope. My over­all goal was to design some­thing that was nat­ural yet elegant.

(via designworklife, beautifulgeeks)

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