Drafting Peekaboo! I’m working on a fun little identity project at the moment for a children’s playhouse - these are some of my rough drafts! :) 


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Commissions are open!  I’m trying to make some extra money for Christmas presents. :)  If you don’t want one or can’t afford it, just a reblog would be really appreciated!

I’ll draw most anything you like, except extreme violence/gore.

Sketch or chibi: $15
Flat colors: $25
Shaded: $35

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I am an 18 year old student currently living in Southern California. I’m raising money to go to a local community college through various jobs, unfortunately the money just isn’t adding up. My family is incredibly short on money because my mom just got out of the hospital and she is unable to work while most of our income is going to  hospital bills. My goal is to transfer to art school where I can fulfill my dream of becoming a graphic designer, but I can’t do that with out money for community college.

The money will be going to various things like book costs, course costs, and school supplies. Basically, whatever financial aid won’t cover.

If just 50 of you donated $10 I will have enough to start school in Spring 2014. 

If you can’t donate, just spread the word. Thanks! :)
 Donate here. 

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Numbers in the City

These are just fantastic. Huge aluminium numerals, brightly painted, and each on its own plinth, all on display in the centre of London.

Numbers 1-0 is a piece by Robert Indiana, originally created in the early ’80s. This version is on display as part of Sculpture in the City 2013 where 10 installations are on view around the City of London (you know, the city within London), including Indiana’s more well-known piece, LOVE.

I took these pictures this morning on Lime street, a side road between the famous Lloyds building and other modern, steels and glass structures. Each number is really vibrant setting the usually grey street alight with colour.

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Antonio Rodrigues Jr | typography [one]



"I was born in Brazil and graduated in Fine Arts. I have a body of work using traditional techniques, such as painting and printing.

I have been doing graphic work for as long as I can remember, but it was only a couple of years ago that I though of doing it professionally. Self-teaching, mostly learning the hard way, and loving every minute of it.

I like to work with varied styles and techniques, and I always try and do my next work differently from the previous ones, as for me consistency cannot be equated with repetition.

My work is mostly influenced by Fine Arts, but music is a greater source of inspiration.

In addition to those, my sphere of interests includes movies, photography, advertising, computing and also anthropology, architecture, history, literature, psychology and sociology. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!”
— Antonio Rodrigues Jr


Handmade Bundle












Antonio Rodrigues Jr | typography [two] coming soon…

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Chicago World’s Fair Posters

I needed to post this because someone got me thinking about the Chicago World’s Fair by recommending me a book that takes place in this historical architectural event: The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America by Erik Larson.

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Progressive Reduction


I’m very excited to talk about a technique that we’ve started using at LayerVault. We call it Progressive Reduction.

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Gmail - Certain actions such as “RSVP”, “Confirm Subscription” and “Track package” can be accessed directly from the inbox list.
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Gmail - Certain actions such as “RSVP”, “Confirm Subscription” and “Track package” can be accessed directly from the inbox list.

/via jaskfla, pokusin & Maggie

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